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Enjoy the wide array of amenities that are part of the Bellissimo Grande experience. We are committed to ensuring your comfort, relaxation, excitement and security... all with a taste of Italy

About the Hotel

The Bellissimo Grande Hotel is another hotel, within the Foxwoods Casino corridor developed by its founder, Patrick Levantino. Its style and decor is reminescent of Italy

About the Owner

The Bellissimo Grande Hotel is another hotel and enterprise of its founder, Patrick Levantino. This time, the Bellissimo Grande welcomes its guests to an Italian hospitality and flair

About Hotel Policies

We want to make sure that all our guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay at the Bellissimo Grande. That is precisely why we have these policies in place

Hotel Tour

Need help in making your choice in staying at the Bellissimo Grande. Take in a video and a gallery slide show to experience the grandeur which is Bellissimo Grande

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